The Stanan Group capabilities in construction management.

construction and construction management Rounding out the Stanan Group’s full-service capabilities, the company assumes exclusive construction responsibility after a project’s feasibility has been determined.

The Stanan Group is capable of reviewing preliminary architectural plans and making recommendations, from a construction and management point of view, which will enhance the final use of the complex and economize on project costs.

In the construction phase, The Stanan Group:
  • develops detailed construction estimates and schedules
  • provides job cost analysis, control and accounting
  • purchases all materials
  • provides field supervision and equipment installation
  • and can coordinate tenant installation.
Stanan construction and construction management The Stanan Group uses only top quality construction teams and the best materials to ensure the most cost-effective completion of a project.

We carefully manage personnel and resources so that each project is finished to stringent specifications.

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